Third Exam
Study questions

Short Essay-ANSWER TWO

1. What is "the commons"? Discuss two things that either General Electric or Wal-Mart has done to affect the commons.

2. Discuss one painting in terms of the elements of visual art and its message about work.
Discuss one song in terms of the elements of music and it message about work.

3. What sorts of unfair labor practices existed in Iowa before unions? Be specific. How do unions ideally help eliminate these practices?

4. Discuss either the early photography of Lewis Hine or that of Dorothea Lange in terms of the goals and techniques of documentary photography.

5. Explain what Steven Greenhouse means by "The Rise and Fall of the Social Contract." What does he see as the main factors in its fall?


1. What do Sahlins' investigations of hunting and gathering societies teach us about our notions of affluence, poverty and progress?

2. What is the "paradox" discussed by Cowan, and how does she explain it?

3. What is the "paradox of work" that Czikszentmihalyi describes, and how does this relate to the "risks and opportunities of leisure"?

Spring 2010