Research project

Length: five to six pages This is a short research paper. There are two types of topics possible.

Proposal for Making Good Work
Your job in this paper is to combine some of the theoretical and historical considerations we have discussed in this course with practical ways to improve work. Pick a particular job or occupation category, discuss one or two of its dimensions that could be improved, and then propose ways to make those improvements. When picking dimensions for improvement, focus on the things that make a difference to human potential and spiritual well-being

Analysis and Interpretation of a Humanities Artifact
Your other alternative for this paper is to pick a humanities artifact (poem, painting, short story, historical text, etc.) that deals with work and do an analysis and interpretation of it. Your discussion should focus on how the elements of the artifact combine to form or enhance the message about work.

There are several steps in the writing of this paper, each of which is part of the final grade for the assignment.
STEP ONE: choose a topic (due__________)
First of all, select a topic. I will ask you to write down your topic and the questions that seem important to you at this point. These questions will guide your research. At this point I will either approve the topic or suggest changes.

STEP TWO: start your research
After your topic has been approved, start looking for sources (books, articles, World Wide Web sites, people to interview, etc.)

STEP THREE: hand in a progress report and annotated bibliography (due_______ )
After a few weeks of research, I will ask you to hand in a report on your progress so far. Tell me what sources you have found, how useful they seem, how much progress you have made in your research. Your completed project should include information from at least three sources.

STEP FOUR: hand in a rough outline (due ________)

STEP FIVE: hand in the finished project (due_______ )
Important: Be careful not to plagiarize your sources. I am more interested in hearing what you have to say, what your understanding is, than in what some expert has said. Hand in a photocopy of the source that you use the most (the actual pages that you refer to in your paper.) I will be looking partly at how well you use this source—how accurately you summarize, how well you establish the relevance of the source, and so on. I WILL NOT ACCEPT A PAPER THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE RESEARCH, DOES NOT INCLUDE A WORKS CITED PAGE, AND DOES NOT HAVE A PHOTOCOPY OF THE SOURCE ATTACHED.
Please do your best to adhere to the Modern Language Association guidelines. Make sure that you understand what plagiarism is.