My Story

I was born and raised in Connecticut.  My earliest talents were in art, so my parents thought I would grow up to be an artist.  When I was old enough, they took me to meet an "artist"  friend of theirs, who turned out to be  a sign painter. I told them that painting signs was not my idea of art. draw.jpg (18009 bytes)
 I went to a Catholic elementary school, where I learned Latin and French.   When I went on  to high school, I continued studying those languages, and I learned Italian and Spanish.

gallia.gif (1056 bytes)

piano.gif (1417 bytes) When I told my parents I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, they bought me an accordion. After five years of lessons, I traded it for an electronic organ and started a rock and roll band.

After high school  I decided to go to Trinity College, which was near where I lived.  While there I majored in French and Comparative Literature.